(a.k.a. KROTOS, Mendigo, Remell, Renzo Peressi)

Abluonihil Photo

No doubt Renzo Peressi is the most prolific experimental electronic music artist from Venezuela. Throughout nearly two decades he has released under the monikers Mendigo, Abluonihil, Remell, KROTOS for Mahorka and other labels music ranging from purely electronic experimental glitch, microsound, clicks and cuts (Abluonihil, KROTOS), through more formulated and organic technoish or ambientish electronic pieces (Mendigo), incorporating also field recordings and live instruments, to more melodic electronica/idm (Remell) and more complex electroacoustic music, combining all the different approaches to composing and producing music, merging the boundaries between the different artist alter-egos and going much further, under his own name.