Andreas Davids

Andreas Davids Photo

Andreas Davids is maybe best known for his electro-industrial project xotox with albums released from 1998 to 2002 gaining quite some attention in his native Germany and around the world. After the release of "Disinhibition" in 2000, the band started performing live, attracting additional media attention and some quite favourable reviews. In 2002, "hit-single" tracks such as "Eisenkiller" and "Zweischicht went into rotation in the clubs and on the radios. "Lichtlos" was the first album by an industrial act to reach #1 on the Deutsche Alternative Charts. In May 2008 "Hyperactive - The Best Of" was released exclusively to North America on the Denver-based Vendetta Music label. Fast worward to 2020, the project is back full force with the single "U.F.O." and a brand new album - "Gestern".

On Mahorka Andreas appeared first as one half of the Natura Est dark ambient duo with British electronic producer Tony Young (Autoclav1.1). After their self-titled monolithic debut on Ant-zen in 2018, Mahorka released their "Second" album, a new chapter of colossal, brooding ambient, where light is slowly crushed by shade, within a multi-faceted arena of sound.

In 2020 Andreas Davids presented on Mahorka a very special solo release under his real name. "7 Jahre vor der Gegenwart" invites you to take a ride on an emotional rollercoaster with many ups and downs, epic moments, dark and light sides. From dark ambient and broken structures to technoid rhythms and sequences - everything that can happen within seven years of his is packed in this wonderful piece of music.