Awser Derf

Awser Derf Photo

Sergi Saldaña Massó's project that was born as "QWERTY", but shortly after the first release it was renamed to "Awser Derf".

Each recording has a slightly different musical orientation (glitch/jazz/noise/drone/ambient...), but they all have a common feeling: exploring new sonic landscapes through sarcasm and darkness, but influenced also by the brightness and greatness of nature.

"An interesting sonic trip through a variety of different styles. After a smooth guitar intro the sounds change to a harsh wall of noise to end up into a relaxed jazzy guitar track consisting of well placed glitches and per- cussive elements. This very interesting sound collage promises a great listening from the beginning to end." - MACU

"Modulated shortwaves, hypnotic rhythmic parts, cuts, melodies and well placed glitches build up an hauntingly sound collage which ends up in deep drones." - MACU

"Proving that drone can evolve and still evoke strong emotions." - Neil Morrison

"Experimental sounds introduced into your ears and your mind, transporting you to another dimension and walking away from reality; forgetting at times, in what place you are, who you are, and how you are." - Teresa

"An experience that is on the borderland between "performance" art and music" - Annette


-Awser Derf [ac016] (Abdicate Cell, March 14, 2006)

-Cell [ac019] (Abdicate Cell, November 1, 2006) (various artists compilation)

-You're going to derail (kulturterrorismus 15. mai 2011)

-Derailed (kulturterrorismus 29. mai 2011)

-MELD 6 (various artists compilation, BREATHE COMPILATIONS mai 2011)

-Night heartworks in the forest (collaboration with Lezet, Blek Blekk 3. november 2011)

-A Dreamdark Christmas (various artists compilation, Dreamdark december 2011)

-Ingen bryr seg lenger (Blek Blekk 8th may 2012)

-Star crusher (27th june 2012)

-QWERTY v.2 (29th june 2012)

-Nedbryting (20th march 2013)