BHE Photo

BHE (Binaural Headset Experiment), created by Simeon Dotkov (Mokushi, Animassacre) is a project aiming to recreate visual imagery through frequencies and sound design. It is a synesthesia inducing experience achieved through tampering with the stereo, frequency shifts and surreal reverberations. All of it is designed to create complex geometrical patterns and multidimensional shapes through algorithmic calculation of each sound in time. The main purpose, however, was to test existing scientific data on brainwave patterns and their susceptibility to isochronic and binaural stimuli. Needless to say, every piece of sound designed in BHE, has a measurable effect on different listeners, but this can be said for any type of music. The difference here is the attempt to lessen the grip of emotions and focus solely on the pure effect of the frequency stimulation and the innermost being of the listener, similar to Samadhi meditation. Even though, the sound could have been more effective without the assistance of rhythm and melody, BHE is first and foremost a musical project, so the subliminal sound appears audible, recognizable, but also harmonic and rhythmic.