Electrohollyc & MO.

Electrohollyc & MO. Photo

MO. was not conceived Invitro (as his own independent label/agency is called) and he was probably not conceived by the Holy Spirit either, but he was born in the distant 1976 in the town of Pleven, Bulgaria, somewhere in the countryside of Eastern Europe. He is an artist who sings, composes, produces and releases wave and electronic music almost exclusively on Invitro Independent Music. He is a Depeche Mode addict from early age, also heavily hooked on all styles of dance, loves pop, listens to rock and is totally into life after death, Love and Eternity. At the dawn of the new millenium, back in 2002, he released his debut single "Edinstven" ("Only"), which quickly became popular on all radio stations in his homeland. Pop diva Maria Ilieva took part in the project, and the remixes on the CD maxi single were produced by the already cult porno_BPM electro pioneers KiNK, SuB and Kei, as well as by the Nu Ages duo, Second Body (Emilian Gatsov) and alternative band SKRE4. After a four-year hiatus, MO. returned to the music scene with the double maxi single "Loveblaster". The project features an important bunch of names from his native Bulgarian underground scene such as COOH (Ivan Shopov), Kenogo a.k.a. Ogonek, Second Body, Music Sound Machine, DeckStarr, Paul Legend, Dope Buzz, Victor's Mob and of course the biggest, today world famous in the dance music scene, KiNK - it was his remix of "Loveblaster" that became the first Bulgarian song broadcast on Fashion TV, as soundtrack to the documentary on the avant-garde designers of Bulgaria. The musical journey of MO. continued with "It's No Good / All The Time In The World" (A Tribute To Depeche Mode) released in 2010 - a double EP with a downtempo chillout part one (mixes by Pixszels, Ghostwheel, Dope Buzz) and club mixes part two (Monophonique, Paul Legend, Dr. Scissors, DJ Smoke and Dope Buzz). Next up was the 'Foe Foe' project that came out in three separate EPs with remixes from Gravity Co., Diass, Alessandro, Anton Pau, FaAXA, Lu40, Help Me Jones, Protuberance, Monophonique and Phil O'Davidson. In 2017, in collaboration with Grooveman, MO. releaased the EP "Dirty", also with a brutal remix by Charlie (Les Animaux Sauvages). 2018 is the year in which another collaboration with Lu40 followed, the single "Don't" plus remix EP featuring Alexander Waltz, Alessandro, WildSoul.

In 2021 he unveiled a new project with the producer Electrohollyc, premiering the single "My Cosmos". Soonafter MO. and the Mahorka label boss Ivo Petrov were convinced that this is the track to get the Mahorka reworks treatment, a longstanding idea and dream of both of them. A rollercoaster of killer reworks was assembled and released on Mahorka for Netlabel Day on 14.07.2022.