Emilian Gatsov
(a.k.a. Second Body)

Emilian Gatsov Photo

Most active output is music for theatre & performances with more than 30 complete soundtracks extremely varying in style and conception. Worked with some of the most acclaimed new generation Bulgarian stage directors incl. Galin Stoev, Marius Kurkinski, Desislava Shpatova, Elena Panayotova; dance and theatre companies like Brain Store Project, Kinesthetic Project.

3 times nominee for both the most prestigious awards for theatre in Bulgaria, Icarus and Askeer. Received the 'Icarus' Award for theatre music in 2006 for the preformance '4:48 Psychosis' directed by Desislava Shpatova in Sfumato Theatre. Currently an 'Icarus' nominee for the soundtrack of 'Falling Silent', ( after I. Bergman's 'Persona'), directed by Elena Panayotova.

I've been sometimes invited not particularly as a composer, but more of an observer/advisor about the structure in terms of timing, sequences, and measuring of emotional impact, a kind of work not unlike film editing yet within a live structure. Expanded abilities for pattern recognition and building synaesthetic combinations, where sound actively interferes with language and vision.

Other fields of work include remixing, post-production and various sound design. Designed the ambience concept for the Sofia Radisson Sas Hotel lounge in 2003; sound design for the Amica magazine campaign 'As I Am' in 2008.

As a performer, participated in various events in the field of electronic music, including the Ambient Festivals for Experimental Music and Silent Movies in the Cinema House, Sofia, in 2004 & 2005. Since the end of 2007 I play with the performer Ivo Dimchev in a hybrid acting/improvisational performance - 'Concerto', showed at dance fesstivals in Athens, Poznan, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Bordeaux, Bucharest.