Ensemble Phuturista

Ensemble Phuturista Photo

A collective live improvisation was planned, performed and recorded in the first edition of the event Onda Phuturista, at the Galeria Paciência (Patience Gallery) on January 12th, 2020. One year, one month and one day after that, on 13/02/2021, the album "12 de Janeiro, 2020 – Antesdurantedepois" came out on Mahorka.

Musicians in Ensemble Phuturista are:
George Christian – acoustic-electric guitar, electric guitar
Heitor Dantas – live electronics, samplers
Maria Phuturista – performance, vocals and conducting
Talionpills – voice and electronics
Fernando Fernandes – percussion and drums
Vítor Rios – banjo
André Miranda Filho – cello, electric bass
Paulo Roberto Pitta – tenor saxophone

"...So, behind this apparent chaotic, but beautiful mess of this recording, there was collective magic... A utopia of a project that aimed at giving life and future for the underground. We were speaking of giving life and voice to art that is misplaced in a metropolis. In fact, we were the voice of a metropolis at the seaside of a country that still deals with underprivileged conditions. We, now, are in a global pandemic period, and living through the worst ethical and political times these days. The thoughts of these give me real disappointment. But I keep remembering our work as Ensemble Phuturista as a last breath of a collective avant-garde scene. And it makes me really proud to be part of it. There was another event in February, but some of the magic was gone or changed. I prefer to regard this January 12th recording as a definitive statement of what the music of Ensemble Phuturista was meant to be. A great mutant sound enigma coming from the urban tropics. A voice of a future that wasn’t meant to be of these days." -- George Christian