Esem Photo

Esem is Bulgarian music artist Georgi Marinov, born in 1979, previously known as eesn and stereoman during his early demoscene days at NOiSE.

He has so far released one single (Ikae, vinyl-only) and three full length albums: Enveloped (deFocus 2002), Serial Human (m3rck 2003), and Scateren (Kahvi 2005), as well as the digital-only EP Aquanaut (December 2013).

Scateren was released under a Creative Commons license and is available to download for free. Portions of Scateren were licensed for a Nintendo DS game - Theta, produced by Vitei Inc.

Some of his music can be played over the web or downloaded from his website.

Here on Mahorka Esem provided exquisite remixes of DiE's Degraded Beauty and Yourai's My heart is so loud.