Faex Optim

Faex Optim Photo

Faex Optim is an electronic musician from Edinburgh, UK.

Originally from a background in math/post-rock (having dabbled in IDM and electronica sporadically for several years), he started producing electronic music in earnest in early 2014.

Faex Optim's musical style frequently portrays a warm, ambient texture with overtones of magical chords and melody.

Faex Optim's 'Mercury' EP, released on Kahvi Collective, appears in Igloo Magazine's 'Best of 2015' list (in the Richard D. James section). Actually they added both his releases of 2015 to that list.

December 2015, to perfectly end an year of great music, Mahorka welcomes Faex Optim on board with his first release on the label, the split EP 'Fulcrum', which includes 3 tracks from Faex and 3 from Kahvi Collective's very own 4T Thieves.