Fallen Photo

"My musical journey (in the folk field as The Child of A Creek) began in 2005 when I’ve recorded my 1st self-released record “Once Upon a Time the Light through the Trees”. As The Child of A Creek I’ve released six albums with foreign and with Italian labels (last were “Quiet Swamps”, released by French label Ruralfaune on CD in 2014 and “Hidden Tales and Other Lullabies”, released by Danish label Metaphysical Circuits on tape in 2014) and starting from 2007 till 2014, I’ve toured together with Artists like Marissa Nadler, Gareth Dickson, Charalambides, Alexander Tucker, Carla Bozulich etc. One day I decided to give much more space to the electronic parts already included in Child of A Creek’s late folk music, giving this way life to my current ambient project called Fallen. My very 1st ambient album as Fallen was “Secrets of the Moon”, released by Irish label Psychonavigation Records in 2015 on CD and distribuited by Darla Records in US and Far East. The album got very good reviews by international and Italian press. From October to December 2017 I recorded my 2nd ambient album entitled “ást”, released by US label Time Released Sound in 2 physical formats: deluxe CD box and black digipack CD. The record has been very well received by Italian and by .international press and played by some ambient/experimental radios around the world. From late February 2018 to late April 2018 I’ve composed and recorded brand new stuff and the result was the “Tout est silencieux” album (with its track titles in French), together with the “Glimpses” album, released on CD by French label Triple Moon Records and by UK label Cathedral Transmissions. Both albums got great feedback from Italian and international press. On January 2019 UK label Focused Silence released my previously unreleased 10-track album “Against the Storm” as 4-panel Digipack + cardboard folder with a vintage photo. In the late summer 2018 I composed and recorded the album “When the Light Went Out”, released on March 2019 by German label ROHS! in a CD edition. The album has been enthusiastically received by the Italian press, international press and radios. It sounds a little bit different from the previous albums - it runs in different way and in different directions, using different approaches to soundscaping, but keeping the piano the main instrument. On April 2019 the UK label Cathedral Transmissions released on CD a new album of mine called “drømmende” (which means “dreaming” in Norge) that I've composed and recorded between September and December 2018. In December 2019 I’ve composed and recorded and brand new ambient album of mine titled “The World Outside”, released on February 2020 by German label Organic Industries in a CD edition. In May 2019 I had to move due to job change and I’ve started to compose new stuff in the summer. The pieces I was working on sounded different from what I’ve done with ambient and experimental music up to 2018: they sounded much more dynamic and evocative at the same time. So, that’s how “of memories and hopes” came to life. The record has been enthusiastically reviewed by the Italian and by the international press and played by some ambient/experimental radios around the world. I’ve started to compose and record new stuff in April/May 2020, during the 1st pandemic wave here in Italy. The brand new stuff seemed to sound more relaxed. So, between May and July I’ve composed and recorded 7 pieces for a brand new album of mine I decided to name “Ljós” (it means light in Icelandic) as it was a sort of hope message to myself and to everyone who would have listened to the album. The album was released by the German label ROHS! in February 2021 as a cassette edition. During the summer of 2020 I’ve started to compose new stuff and the result has been the “Diamonds are Underwater” album, a more electronic sounding record, released by UK label Assembly Field on September 2021 on CD. I’ve composed a lot of new material during the Winter and Spring 2021 and I gave life to 3 new albums: “her name is a whispered lullaby”, released by Shimmering Moods Records on June 2021 on CD; “stjerne” (which means “star” in norge), released by CZ label Secret Press on November 2021 in a tape edition; “Home Is”, released by Shimmering Moods Records on December 2021 in a CD edition. A new record of mine entitled “Our Dreams Will be Told” was released by ROHS! Records on 5/20, CD edition. I’ve composed and recorded this new album of mine in the last months of 2021. In July 2022 I debuted on the Mahorka label with "Soft Skin, Eternal Verses", released as free (cc) digital download and a limited cassette edition."