Fluidian (Emil Gherasim, b. 1973) is a transylvanian composer, guitarist and sound artist. His work includes acoustic and electronic art music, film and theatre music, sound illustrations for contemporary dance and visual performances, minimalist textural music, sound paintings and ambient soundscapes.

His music is very personal and deeply meditative, with huge visual emotions, combining minimalist sound textures with a specific manner of improvisation. Due to his playing techniques like wind-guitar (blowing across the strings) or bowed-guitar (using a violin bow), manipulated with electronics and using his own minimalistic textural concept, his music transforms into a contemplative, floating sound journey.

Initially self-taught, he studied and graduated in music composition, mentored by award-winning composer Ede Terenyi, at the Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He is also active as a solo performer, improviser and has collaborated with other musicians and visual artists. In addition, he composes original music for theater pieces, dance performances, films and new textural electronic art music for different sound ensembles.