Francisco Sonur

Francisco Sonur Photo

Francisco Sonur is a musician, composer and travel enthusiast (born in La Plata, Argentina) but currently resides in Sydney, Australia. Sonur's music is a mixture of euphoria and nostalgia, a bowl of hot soup in a harsh winter.

A blend of ambient, cinematic and post-rock sounds, all of the work Sonur has put out to date, tells personal stories from the artist's past to the present day. Francisco's sonic storytelling often focuses on the small details of family life, bringing feelings of honestly, innocence, playfulness and nurture directly to the listener.

Francisco’s music can be heard via Giraffe Tapes, Rusted Tone Recordings, Time Released Sound, Shimmering Moods Records, The Ambient Zone, Bruma Del Sur. In 2023 he debuted on Mahorka with the beautiful "Then the light comes all over the land" .