Hans Castrup

Hans Castrup Photo

Hans Castrup is a multimedia artist from Germany - a painter, photographer, video and sound artist. As sound artist and musician he works with analogue and digital sounds at the gateway between abstract electronics, ambient, avant-garde and sound art.

Born 1957, Hans Castrup studied arts at the university of Osnabrück and ever since has been a freelance artist on the fields of painting, photography, video, graphics, music and text. Besides exhibitions in Germany and abroad he engages regularly in audioplay and media art and won the first prize of public radio station BR2 for his piece “Living knowledge – Control?” (“Lebendiges Wissen - Kontrolle?”) in 2009.

He has released music on Karlrecords, Attenuation Circuit, Geräuschmanufaktur, Unexplained Sounds Group, Submarine Broadcasting Company and others.