Illi Adato

Illi Adato Photo

"Sound, like Intuition, provides a bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind".

Illi Adato's work with altered-states of being as a Hypnotherapist provides an additional layer to his sonic work. Performing and recording internationally and creating within the field of Free-Improvisation and Spontaneous Composition, in Illi's words: "one of the only, truly here-and-now art forms", he combines acoustic and electronic, old and new instruments, low-tec and hi-tech processing to produce deeply penetrating sounds, noises and frequencies.

Current projects include:

Art of the Moment - An International Cross-Disciplinary Free-Improvisation Festival - London, UK - Artistic Director. Info

A Living Score - a performance of instant music composition spontaneously created by 'Conduction' queues provided to the musicians by the movement of dancers - Concept Creator / Performer. Info

The Night Before - A very special collaboration, resulting in the herepresented album that was made in Istanbul, Turkey with Buğra Giritlioğlu - vocals and Yannis Saxonis - electronics. Info/mhrk127

Collaborations with other artists include: Maggie Nicols - Voice / Oren Marshall - Tuba / Phil Minton - Voice / Veryan Weston - Piano / Sharon Gal - Voice / Tuna Pase - Flute & Voice / Korhan Erel - Electronics / Alison Blunt - Violin / Moshi Honen - Guitar / Hannah Marshall - Cello /g Guy Harries - Flute / Voice / Electronics / Buğra iritlioğlu - vocals, Yannis Saxonis - electronics / Yoni Silver – Bass Clarinet / Daniel Davidovsky – amplified bicycle / Nadav Masel – Double Bass and many more...