July in January

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July in January is a warm drone ambient project from Moscow. Smooth, looped melodic elements, textures, and field recordings. This music is for dreamers. Time freezes, leaving only calmness and concentration for consciousness...

Georgy Orlov-Davydovsky is the founder and permanent participant of July in January, a sound researcher and practitioner, organizer of experimental music festivals.

The key direction of sound creativity is focused on concert activity and the production of electro-acoustic noise-experimental environments. Basically, the musician's instruments involve synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, effects pedals, guitar, percussion, piezo sensors, noise boxes, DIY instruments and vocal apparatus.

Georgy has created also a series of solo music projects (Yudol, etc) and collaborations (UMN, Moving Places Engineering). Periodic participant of the projects Noises of Russia, Purba Tubes and Hladna/Dreved'. Former participant of Phurpa, Kaula Spanda, etc. He is the ideologist and creator of the improvisational orchestra Moscow Noise Manufactory.