Mas&Delayer Photo

Mas&Delayer is Massimo Solari, born 1984 in Genova. In 1996 he got into what totally changed his life - hip hop music. In 1997 he met Crx of Casino Royale who opened him to London Sound and electronic music. This perfected his approach to music. Now, years of careful listening, he is composing his own music for passion and... "because I need that...". His preferred genres are: Hip Hop, Dubstep, 2 step/Garage, Ambient, Technodub. He produced hip hop beats for Caneda and Mr Wilkinson.

Notable works released under Mas&Delayer are Northern Line Dreamin' EP for Deep Lake Records, Escape to Reality EP for Type Connection, Carne (wih Martino Bernasconi) for Ephedrina and Live slow, die old EP for Jonic Noise Records.

On Mahorka Mas&Delayer debuted with the beautiful chillout electronic EP titled "She Cleans My Soul" in September 2014. Later on he also produced two remixes for a Captive Portal reworks album and contributed a track to the "Music for Elevators vol.4" compilation. 2018 saw the release of his second solo EP on Mahorka - "Broad Shoulders". In 2022 their duo project with Basssound, Bass&Delayer, debuted on the label with "The Way Out" EP, also released as limited cassette edition and Mas&Delayer also remixed Virtually J for a reworks album.