Music For Sleep

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Andrea Porcu is a composer and producer from Sardinia, Italy, most notably known for his project Music For Sleep and as the mastermind of ROHS! RECORDS, a label with which he has gained satisfying attention from the international music scene over time, including with the very dear sublabel Lontano Series.

First through Dub, Reggae applied to techno, and in recent years dedicating himself exclusively to experimental and ambient music, Andrea Porcu's intense and prolific work as Music For Sleep has resulted in sorts of a personal and intimate music diary of the Italian composer of over 60 albums since 2016.

Andrea Porcu's output, both as artist and label manager, has been a huge inspiration for us and a source of numerous favorite albums through the years. So we are really excited and happy when he approached us with a special Music For Sleep release! His debut on Mahorka, "Esaminazioni Cosmiche" (also in beautiful limited cassette edition) came out on the 3rd of February 2023.