Pandacetamol Photo

"Imagine making these sounds. I mean, creating it all from scratch. And just playing it for hours, twiddling with the knobs". - Paul Alexander sometime in the mid 90s, long before he understood what any of the knobs actually did.

Glasgow in the early 90s, pre-internet. British bands with acid house undertones and skillful remixes. Depeche Mode, S*Express, Baby Ford, Adamski, The Beloved. Sounds on the Remix 12"s that NEEDED to be explored and shared with unwilling friends. Hithouse, Frank De Wulf, Joey Beltram.

Then the discovery of The Orb, Sabres of Paradise, Reload, Pete Namlook dragged in the ethereal. Then came the LSD and clubbing. Slam and Pure. A vinyl obsession with the otherworldly pulses from Djax Up Beats, Force Inc, Plastikman, Rephlex, Air Liquide and the Cologne scene, Thomas P Heckmann and U-Trax ensued.

From all this, Pandacetamol germinated in 2003 when Paul and his mate Mark (Rushbury) started playing around with a hand-me-down Sequential Circuits Six Track and a toy drum machine on a Sunday afternoon. Love of synths activated. Scraping funds together for modest collection of cheap vintage synths and grooveboxes. Many hazy jam sessions, often at the expense of relationships and gainful employment were to follow.

Releasing their debut album Heavy Concentration on Earth Monkey Productions in 2008, the dozens of releases since have been across many international labels. Psychedelic electronica, ambient and acid outputs.

In 2016, Mark and Paul parted ways. While Mark now focusses on sound design, Paul carries the Pandacetamol sound and ethos through albums recently releases on Kahvi Collective, Rednetic and Liquid Sky Berlin. Collaborations with his friend 4T Thieves and with Abdicant in the new exciting Cognition Delay project.

Getting back to his original love (the 303), Paul has focussed on his own unique brand of dark driving acid techno under the moniker Fluffy Inside. Since 2019, several EPs and remixes have been unleashed on Analog USA, Ghost Program Records, SMR Underground, Acid 606-61, and Pulsewave Japan.

Hedonistic explorations into the dark recesses of his music machines continue daily, so there will be no escape from his brand of musical hypnosis.