Peter Davidson

Peter Davidson Photo

Peter Davidson is a Swedish Painter, Sculpturer and Musician. He stepped into the world of music as someone making sound in the late 70's and early 80's through the Swedish electronic scene at that time and has been composing and playing solo and in different collaborative acts ever since. Further discoveries led him into Indian classical music, the Sitar and then many trips to India and Nepal with many different sessions and teachers, that have further refined and deepened his music and influenced his style. Nowadays, while mostly residing on the west coast of Sweden and working solo, he is still collaborating on interesting projects with fellow musicians and still visiting India and Nepal and attending workshops there whenever he can mainly during wintertime.

It is worth noting that his painting "November" was selected​ for the "Day of light" video by Brian Eno and is part of the series for his album release of LUX. ​ His debut album on Mahorka, "Antenna", released as free digital download and limited edition cassette, can be thought of a trip through what the artist has been up to with his solo music - some revisited beatiful compositions that might have or might have not appeared elsewhere and some glimpses of where he is headed, currently, through tracks, exclusively recorded for this album that slowly evolved for period of more than year and a half.

Solo discography, as Peter Davidson:​ 500 Billion Doors, 2009​; Sounds on Canvas, 2009; Shoreline Music, 2010; Harmonium Wall, 2010; Even Darker Still, 2010; Green Moss Trail, 2011; Twin Star Formula, 2011; Walking on Hidden Tracks, 2011; Desert Maps and Overdubs, 2011; Moon Drum Suite, 2012; Within EP, 2012; Delta Rythm Sphere, 2012; Vertical Skies, 2012; Premonitions, 2012​; String Theories, 2013; Dazzle Woods, 2014; Samsara, 2014.

Selected collaborations: Beehive Plains - "Gong", 2015; Beehive Plains - "Tape", 2011; Weltwagen - "The Lambda Variant", 2012; Frédérique Bruyas/Peter Davidson - "Saint Julien Le Hospitallier. by Gustave Flaubert" audiobook soundtrack, 2011; Twice a Man - "Agricultural Beauty", 2002; The Butterfly Effect - "Trip", 1991; Blue For Two - LP, 1986.