Robert Krieger

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Robert Krieger is a melodramatic minimalist pseudo-divo, based upon the edges of Finland. Some have said his voice is like a ghost with a fondness for bric-a-brac electronics,field recordings and noise. Others say it recalls a slow dance in a junk shop...

Robert Krieger's been making secretive music since the late 1999s, Robert was formerly one half of musical double-act "Ange-Démon", with whom he released two acclaimed underground albums, "The Magic Days of Nothingness" and "A Week In Warsaw".

In 2011 he loaded his Yamaha keyboards onto his percussion trolley, strapped on his sleigh bells, and released her first solo album, "Shame". ("There’s more variety, and more beauty, on here than most other albums are going to show this year" Plan B; "He has now gone solo, taking with him a striking voice and some of the most mesmerizing tunes on the circuit... track after track of blinding excellence... A spectacularly wonderful range of vocal cuts and rather amazing tunes make this Krieger’s finest hour.” Constellation; ""The solo artist he now is should get all the attention that should be coming his way because of that pure wicked voice, the delicate songwriting involved and his sometimes hypnotizing performance." Mark Black).

He is part of the spooky dreamy folk duo Mad Birdies, together with Mono-Drone (Massimo Amato), which have their first two albums released on Mahorka.

He is also one member of The Mad Birdie Orchestra, (with Marco Lucchi, Gustavo Puente Lopez, Amos Ungar,Lee Negin, Massimo Amato, Jurica Jelic, Finglebone, Magdalena Solis,Djentrification, Roberto Téllez, Luca D'Alberto and Ana Cordero Reis), whose debut record "Evil Eggs" came out in 2009.

Robert is currently recording the the new Mad Birdie Orchestra record titled : "1928".

Influences: twin peaks, stars of the lid, elvis, mama cass, tindersticks, elliot smith, guy maddin, low, nico, velvet underground, eric satie, louis malle, paul auster, a hawk and a hacksaw, kraftwerk, max ernst, library recordings, defunct adverts, ennio morricone, nick cave, barbara kirby mason's first piano tunes, joan baez, harry belafonte, casio rap-man, anthony carmichael, harry nilsson, randy newman, alan price, the beatles, paul mcartney, claude debussy, tomita, derek griffiths, leonard cohen, jean cocteau, 1969 hamlyn recipe cards, the percussion trolley, the beach boys, dennis wilson, wendy carlos, hymns as i imagine them to be, red house painters, smog, picture box and many, many tv themes, jeff & tim buckley, stereolab, nina simone, serge gainsbourg, jane birkin, brigitte bardot, anna karina, abba, kurt weill, bob fosse, rachels, rene magritte, tangerine dream, buddy holly, sapore di mare, cocteau twins, roland barthes, valerie and her week of wonders, abbc, tape recorders, bits and pieces, bix beiderbecke, nancy & lee, ludwig II, joseph cornell, james bond & john barry, nick drake, mahalia jackson, les mysteres de voix bulgares, franz kafka, js bach, e nesbit, burt bacharach, diagrams & maps, crowded house, mary hopkin, donovan, komeda, astrud gilberto, stevie wonder, laurel & hardy, bernard herrmann, moondog, michael nyman, radiohead, performance, tom waits, air, pink floyd, the prisoner, bjork, aphex twin, vernon elliot, broadcast, rumpy pumpy music, miles davis, belle & sebastian, walter benjamin, tintin, columbo, barry adamson, jacques brel, maurice ravel, is that enough for you I can give ya more...