Room of Wires

Room of Wires Photo

"We create fragile melodic moments."

"We are two Andrews from the UK. We create dark, fragile melodic moments using synths, field recordings and software. We've never met, preferring to work in isolation, sharing ideas and sounds over the internet; one of us using hardware and a tangle of physical wires, the other lost in software and virtual cables.

We've released several albums and EPs on ant-zen, Rednetic Recordings, Section 27 and PingDiscs, as well as countless contributions to compilations and film scores including 'Shifter' and 'Versus'. Aliases include DasF, and Cave like carving."

"Working with others is a big part of our style, bringing out new ideas and new ways of working. We've worked together with many inspiring artists from videographers and filmmakers, right through to synth legends. Whether its remixing, film scores, performance art installations, or full-on collaborations, we're always up for it."