Shiri Malckin

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"When I create music, I usually have the idea already grown in my head. And, if I have to, I improvise, but the story, the idea of the piece has been there all along.

My love for music began at a young age. I always liked the sound of the piano, since I was a child, but I don't read notation, i was never taught proffessionally - i just played intuitively... The piano is still my main instrument. I also play the flute.

I started recording piano improvisations 3 years ago (2010) and so I began my music creation. The initial idea was just to have recordings of my own material. I never thought I would continue with it, push it forward, but in a short time I became interested in combining the piano sound with Ki-board recording and working with computer to create more complex soundscapes, also utilizing field and spoken-word recordings...

Because of my improvisational music approach, the chemistry between me and the other artists is very important for successful collaborations (talking about music and also about the videos to it). Fortunately, I met and keep meeting some very interesting, inspiring artists on my way, with some of which we did collaborate with awesome results. This makes me very happy and pround at the same time.

I always knew and felt that in this place, in this setting, played by me and where I belong, in music, I can express myself - feelings, moments, emotions - best."