Stefan Goranov

Stefan Goranov Photo

Stefan Goranov started playing drums at the age of 13. Since then he has been an active member of different groups in various music styles from progressive rock to straight ahead jazz as a drummer and composer. Currently living in Madrid, Spain. Played and toured in the Netherlands, Germany,the USA, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, Tunisia, Greece, Slovenia and Bulgaria.

"Minimal Images" is his first solo album and debut on Mahorka. Exploring rhythmic ideas from Stefan's previous two albums as a leader of his jazz quartet - Birdwatch - Music of Charlie Parker (NYC 2015) and Gorafunk - Frost/Fire (Plovdiv 2017) - the record invloves techiniques characteristic for the music of Steve Reich and other minimal composers of the 20th century but in a linear (melodic) rather than vertical (harmonic) way.