Swamps Up Nostrils
(a.k.a. Helmeticronaut)

Swamps Up Nostrils Photo

Swamps Up Nostrils is an eclectronic music production entity often associated with the person known as Arnfinn Killingtveit, residing in a tiny village called Trondheim, located within Norway. Since the early 2000´s, S.U.N. have released a bunch of sounds through various more or less obscure underground net- and CDr labels. The occational live gig has also been known to happen from time to time. The sound output may contain anything from melodic tunes, beats, plingplong electroacousticisms, atmospheric droneries and field recordings, to noise. S.U.N. utilizes whatever to create music, be it junk, analogue equipment, self built DIY instruments, multi track VST, algorithms, custom software (Pure Data <3), nature, voice, etc. There are no rules in this game. Chaos never died.

Photo: Hans Kværnsjøli