V Photo

Vossen "V" is a beatmaker and does beats. It all starts not about the songs but about the beats. All his works begin with samples in the pure hiphop tradition.

V defines his music as progressive hiphop, post hiphop, ambient noisy hiphop. He performs alone or integrates avant-garde formations for improvised live performances.

Vossen also runs Fuck Labels//Fuck Mastering, an independent netlabel, since 2015. He does all his visuals, videos, etc media, as well as for projects and bands released on his label.

He has (as V) released 5 full-length albums, with the latest two being his outstanding debut on Mahorka "23.56.04" in 2019 and his newest album "The 5th death of V" in 2021. He's also released 14 EPs on different labels and 4 albums under different artist names (different projects) - 3 albums as Shining Through Violence and 1 album as Vossen.

His extended discography includes also 11 collaborative albums/EPs, 1 split album and 13 exclusive tracks on different compilations.