Walter Fini

Walter Fini Photo

Electronics / composer / producer from Switzerland.

"My interest in electronic music begins in the 70s - Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, JM. Jarre, Klaus Schultze and the most important artists of these years are my roots. I started composing music professionally in 2012, first under the name "Desh Alb", "Desh Alb Project" and now with the acronym "d @ p" (focused on Dark music) and my name Walter Fini. In 2019 I even started my new project "The Fused Ensemble". In 2013 I founded with musicians from all over the world the "Metamorphosis Collective" and have released some collaboration works on the web from that project. My music covers all the genres I like, contaminating electronics. I have no rules, I am a "manipulator" of sounds, a self-taught visionary. I have released several albums on labels worldwide. Always open to collaboration."