Kevin Bryce
Attack of the Clouds

Attack of the Clouds Cover

"Attack of the Clouds" is the second Kevin Bryce album to be released on the Mahorka label. Most of the album falls into the ambient genre, although several of the songs are experiments that resolved successfully enough to be included.

"One of the key moments in my musical development was hearing Mussorgsky's 'Pictures at an Exhibition' and realizing that each piece was a sketch or description of an image. The realization that music and sound had the power to describe reality in abstract ways was epiphanic and I have tried to expand on that concept here.

Each of these songs is a sketch of something I have seen. As always, what these sketches describe is left to the listener to see.

Music as descriptor is a unique and wonderful concept. It can be viewed as a sort of aural reflecting pool, a filtered version of reality, from the eyes of the artist to the ears of the listener. In a way, there is no purer perspective than an image re-imagined into sound. The wide range of timbres, tones and techniques offered to us by technology give us such a spectacular palette to work from. It is fun sometimes to speculate what famous musicians throughout history would have done given the wealth of musical technology today. However, it is even more fun to show you what I would do with this amazing palette of sound."