weltenende Cover

"Weltenende" is ni'en:bhed's debut album and also his debut on Mahorka.

ni'eb:bhed is Simon Seissler, 18 years old, currently living in Neuburg an der Donau, Germany. He's been producing electronic music since 2011 with his main influences beeng original dubstep, bass music, dub, reggea, psychedlic rock and the 'Basswerkstatt' events in Munich.

The music is mostly sample based, but also includes some percussion from his own drumset, sounds found with a cheap microphone. Although it is mostly programmed you can certainly feel the liveliness of it. Although it is very minimallistic, it breathes as a jazz ensemble. Although the mostly digital approach, it is certainly organic as hell.

This abstract percussive dub ambient trip is a pure gem in the current flood of faceless dubstep productions. .