Black Vortex

Revelation Cover

More often than not do we contemplate on the celestial core of our lives and existence. Spontaneously overlooking the very plausible hypothesis as to why we are here, let alone what we are here to do. Pondering on what fruit we bear in our very hands, forgetting how polymorphic the ever-after is to reveal itself;

the beyond.

For the more one is in sought of the mighty revelation, the uttermost outlook towards the yet unveiled, whether it be through repentance or a simple meditation, the farther it lingers away from him; upto the very moment in space where the revelation hits him, it hits him so hard that one caves into a state of disillusionment where all else drops;

the wonder..

The inquiry, the doubt..

The ambience.. the journey.

~ Rehame Zein

Written & Produced by: Amir Baloch
Mastered by: Amir Baloch
Artwork: Angel Draganov
(cc) Mahorka, 2013