Ineykalma Cover

All tracks by Parchim with the contributions of: Dmitry K.- sound, text (05, 06) & mixing; Anna M.- voice (05, 06); Elena K.- jew's-harp (04).

Artwork by: Angel Draganov (front) and UFA (back).

"They promised to show me the eternity, I took your hand and guided you along the rails, where death was seething not long ago and grief knocked us down with the red shivering. The god of animals strolled along the roads' embankment, dressed in the old-fashioned uniform riddled with bullets. Oh, this fascinating town of maniacs and birds! There we met cold stars, misty passersby and the delightful initiation by the cigarette burns. My pale goddess, I'll fall down at your feet, strap up my hands by the belts! I'll hide your subtle limbs-twigs under the satin cloak, gray like a dusty asphalt; your eyes are as a bath full of sticky blood, resembling the one that trickled down the hands of the Savior."