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Federico Ferraris (J.Sintax) was born in the dynamic and restless quarter of San Salvario, in a northern town of Italy - Torino. There he was influenced by the new wave of electro that invade Torino in the end of the 90's. Attending the most engaged undergrounds clubs of the city, he begins to understand the potential of electronic music. Having been involved in a wide range of musical genres, from metal to blues, Federico develops the J.Sintax project as an eclectic conception of music that begins with experimentation. Naturally born instrumentalist, preferring guitars, he brings in his old Fender Stratocaster to
 the world of electronic music. And this is just an example of his continuous researching for new ways to mix up electronic music with analog instruments and with his own life experiences around the world.

"This EP reflects my personal orientation towards experimentation and melancholia. Regardless of the genres of the tracks, my aim is always to create a new concept of sound, that can change your point of view about them. Melodies and dark waves are the turning point of my tracks, always trying to follow what i want to say, express, emotionally speaking, and what i would like to hear when dancing or just listening. Creating music is a need, not a business."