Kanalen Pluh

Escapism Cover

Kanalen Pluh (Канален Плъх, meaning 'sewer rat' in Bulgarian) is an alter-ego of Nikola Marinov a.k.a. Wayab that inevitably surfaced from the deepest undergrounds of his already deep-dwelling music projects. Frequency and time domains provide the medium for the abstract language allowing expression of visions and views, feelings and emotions, ideas and critique, where words fail.

  1. Humid 10:40
  2. Memories from a dream 06:29
  3. Slaveryzation does not count as evolution 13:48
  4. Stuck on this planet 06:04
  5. Dark light 07:33
  6. Dive 06:59
  7. Bubbling 04:11

Artwork: Angel Draganov (utilizing fragments from Bosch and Banksy)