Kanalen Pluh
Never seen a sky

Never seen a sky Cover

"Never seen a sky" is Nikola Marinov's second album as Kanalen Pluh (Канален Плъх, meaning 'sewer rat' in Bulgarian) to be released on Mahorka. At the same time it is his debut for this alter-ego and was published back in 2009 (believe it or not) on the long defunct label Karton Network. This album has a more ambient body and pinch of psychedelic spicing and to us, interestingly enough, feels as a deeper dive through parts of his Mahorka debut and introduction to Kanalen Pluh that is "Escapism". On the other hand you will find moments of "Never seen a sky" that strike as preludes to what was to come in "Escapism". Either way or both it is time of sewer rituals and (beware) rat fever once again.

  1. Toxic Rivers 04:12
  2. Sewer Rituals 07:30
  3. Legend of the Light 05:59
  4. Disease 07:07
  5. Never seen a sky 06:04
  6. Mutation 06:10
  7. Emotional garbage disposal 25:46
  8. In the shadow of the shadow 06:16
  9. Escape 29:34
  10. Death Smile 08:39

released 12 October 2014

artwork: cookie