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One of these tributes vol​.​1: Set The Controls

One of these tributes vol​.​1: Set The Controls Cover

A very special, landmark compilation that has been 3 years in the making and tweaking with enourmous effort, devotion and respect put in and love and inspiration spread out by everybody involved. As for what's it all about: the album and track titles - the cover artwork say more than enough.

Artists/bands featured on the album with links for more info on them and, of course, more of their music:
- Mytrip
- Syl Kougaï
- Balkansky / Ivan Shopov
- AyseDeniz Gokcin
- E.U.E.R.P.I.
- Axel Schultheiss
- Kevin Bryce
- Awser Derf
- Jan-M. Iversen
- Buff Roshi
- Other Matter
- Acrossthevacuum

released 20 February 2015

Cover artwork was done by our awesome designer Angel Draganov, utilizing the public domain "dark" side of moon and a faience textured spectrum of a sneaky ray of sunlight dispersed onto the floor through your executive producer and Mahorka label manager Ivo Petrov's aquarium.