Boubi's Library
Vol. 23

Vol. 23 Cover

"Who? - Free Jazz producer turned Retro Pioneer.

What? - This is AAD. This is your average electro in the eyes of a man stuck in 1972."

This is also Julien Palomo first time officially going solo after the numerous exceptional free jazz and other collaboration works, being 1/2 of the duo Other Matter together with guitarist Michel Kristof, that has also three albums released on Mahorka + "Saucerful of secrets" on a Mahorka Pink Floyd Tribute, and after producing over 45 records on Improvising Beings.

"Boubi's Library" was named and sort of defined much much after the project actually came in to being, evolution and music material accumulation, half-consciously and half-sponteneously, during night solo synths and electronics improvisation sessions Julien Palomo had at his studio in Paris. "I have been toiling in the dark, really..." until what was the 23d such night session where Julien recorded what was to become "Melatonin For Angels" (on this release) and got it that he just has to put some of this music out. To start shelving selected pieces in a library. "To do that or go mad." That is when Julien approached Mahorka and we started preparing this 2-tome volume as "Boubi's Library" debut release.

Tome 1: Melatonin For Angels Tome 2: The Real Face 1~4

The music is repetitive in character but evolving surprisingly much, both in terms of the repetitive patterns and of natural and smooth more abrupt phase transitions. And although this all seems to has pretty much gone far from the artists' main inspirations and approaches, namely free jazz, the influence is still there and one cannot help but feel that, even through the mentronomic pulsations and electro synths in place.

released October 24, 2015

Julien Palomo: MicroKorg, Solina String Ensemble, Mellotron M4000d, Mellotron MkVI, Farfisa VIP 233.

"Invaluable thanks to Michel Kristof."