Willy Stamati
In Search of Noise (part 2)

In Search of Noise (part 2) Cover

"In Papua New Guinea when a Kaluli songmaker searches for a new song, he may camp by a waterfall or a running stream. All the songs in the world are contained in the noise of the water. The songmaker listens carefully, sometimes for days, until he hears the voice of his new song.

Whenever we listen carefully, we come to hear that music is around us all the time. Noise is no longer unwanted sound. It is the breath of the world." --John Adams

For "hearing the voice" of his "In Search of Noise" project Willy Stamati listened carefully to real-world environments too. Artificial real-world environments though. He "camped" around factories, mines, construction areas, power plants, etc. Then he recorded tracks live in the studio, first creating initial sound evironments and then letting the feedback of hearing how the MIDI-controlled mannipulations affect the sound drive their evolution.

The second "In Search of Noise" installment is the artist's third album on Mahorka.

released December 3, 2015