w/d Cover

w/d is krāllār's new full length, co-released by Kontingent Records and Mahorka as free digital download and limited edition tape, featuring 12 devastating compositions. Found sounds, heavily processed synthesizers and eerie drones meet to unbarricade and take you on that road less traveled.

w/d is a conceptual record, touching on the themes of addiction and withdrawal. And this doesn’t (necessarily) imply substances. Everyday behavior, love, dreams, goals, inspiration, beliefs, sense of community, sense of humanity... or lack of any or all of them. It’s actually pretty simple. Neither good nor bad. It’s real. Spiritual. Physical. Sending shivers down your spine. Making you want to trade all for nothing. Making your skin crawl.

1. generosity crash test
2. clones
3. commander
4. faster
5. falla
6. invocation
7. kolga
8. mainliner
9. micht
10. washer
11. 905
12. withdrawal

Released November 28, 2017
via Mahorka and Kontigent Records
digital release + limited edition (50 pcs) cassette

All music by: Ivan Shentov
Cover photo by: Ivan Shentov
Cover artwork by: Angel Draganov

KREX019 // mhrk189