The Border

The Border Cover

Middle East and North Africa scenarios. Encompassing war spirits and dancing against colonialism and tribal cultures' deprivation. Powerful vibes by the mysterious musician BedouinDrone. Epic debut album, proudly released by Mahorka.

"Dedicated to all refugees in this world."


1/A1. The Border
2/A2. Mishmishan
3/A3. Tulkarm
4/A4. Faqat
5/B1. Marawi
6/B2. Susah
7/B3. Adhan
8/B4. Birak
9/B5. Rasayil

Digital-only bonus tracks:

  1. Faqat (remix)
  2. Birak (remix)

Released December 8, 2018 as free digital download release and limited edition cassette (mhrk205tape), available through the Mahorka Bandcamp.

Versions of "Susah", "Adhan" and "Birak" are different between the tape release and the digital release of the album. Last two tracks (remixes) are digital-only bonuses.

Cover artwork by Angel Draganov.

"Thanks to Esther De Laet, Abu Ama, Ivo Petrov, Angel Draganov, the Mahorka crew and my family for the support."