Swamps Up Nostrils

Pronoia Cover

  1. Space migrate allready 07:25
  2. Blunderphonics 06:46
  3. Basjunge 05:20
  4. Cargulls 06:18
  5. Slagg Ftang 12:35

Pronoia (n.) – The belief that the universe is conspiring in your favour.

«Pronoia is the positive counterpart of paranoia. It is the delusion that others think well of one. Actions and the products of one's efforts are thought to be well received and praised by others. Mere acquaintances are thought to be close friends; politeness and the exchange of pleasantries are taken as expressions of deep attachment and the promise of future support. Pronoia appears rooted in the social complexity and cultural ambiguity of our lives: we have become increasingly dependent on the opinions of others based on uncertain criteria.» --Goldner, Fred (1982). "Pronoia". Social Problems. University of California Press. 30 (1): 82–91. doi:10.1525/sp.1982.30.1.03a00070. JSTOR 800186.

Released: May 7, 2019

The music on "Pronoia" was made somwehere between 2007-2012, and was planned to be released in 2012. As the original release plan faded into nothingness, the album was put on ice for a while. Fast forward a couple of years, and some of the tracks ended up being used for the dance performance "Perfect (im)Perfections" – stories untold, during the Multiplé Dance Festival in Trondheim in 2014. There was again some talk about finalizing a release, but then the years went by again, and the album slept on a hard drive somewhere, until today! The album itself did not really care that it has gone 7 years since it´s completion, since it allways has been a thing lost in time anyway. It did not sound like anything else happening in 2012 then, and it does not sound like anything else happening in 2019 today. It is what it is. Now available!