The underwater fires

The underwater fires Cover

"The underwater fires" is a conceptual EP, revolving all around Autonomaton's love for the underwater life and rivers, seas, oceans and aquariums. That's a passion shared with the Mahorka boss Ivo Petrov, so you can guess that this release has been long time coming. In the tracks one can hear actual sounds from real fish (not mammals) captured and presented in very experimental ways. All tunes were produced on a computer but analogue equipment such as a Korg and a 303 machine were utilized in the works, sounds played on/from which were recorded and reworked. All overdubs couresty of Nikolay Stanchev. One of the tunes is actually performed totally live, manipulating the already reworked loops.

This EP includes 4 original works and 2 special remixes by dear friends that further complement the release. The overall style here might be considered to be from experimental dub to obscure dub techno, as the artist himself describes it, but each track takes us on a totally new journey. The remixes are by Abu Ama - a pioneer of the sufi dub sounds and by Virtually J - the computer music pioneer in the Varna region, that started producing music on PC in '94 with trackers and other audio software, and has been a huge inspiration and support for the regional scene, including for Autonomaton and Mahorka, ever since. Both remixes take really different sound paths from original tracks, but still are made with the thought of being coherent parts of the release, thus making the whole EP even a more colourful and interesting, completing a magical journey through the Earth's waters and underwater life... Enjoy it loud!

released May 31, 2020

All music by Autonomaton, except for track 5 - remix by Abu Ama and track 6 - remix by Virtually J
Analog mastering by Virtually J
Cover artwork photo by kitthanes