Triptych Cover

From the very inception of Wayab - with "Tales from the transcendent" - the substance of the project has been finding ways to express the inexpressible through the development of abstract language based on sound. This release differs from the previous Wayab albums in its incorporation of verbal language alongside the purely sonic one, with quotations from ancient scriptures, both canonical and apocryphal.

The album is structured as a sonic triptych, representing three paths leading in the same direction. On the left is the path of knowledge - it begins with the desire to know, followed by the acquisition of knowledge and in the end - the becoming of the knowledge itself. In the center is the path of direct experience, of grace. Short and simple rhythmic structures are transfigured into spacious soundscapes embodying the formless timelessness at the center of existence. On the right is the path of devotion, of love - simultaneously a prayer for existence and an expression of gratefulness for it.

The development of a language capable of expressing the inexpressible is an infinite process that cannot reach completion and yet understanding this impossibility to be complete is its very completion. To quote one of the great translators of ancient knowledge from the Sanskrit, Juan Mascaró: "All true progress is an inner creation that leads to the joy of the Infinite."

released August 1, 2020

All music by Nikola Marinov

Cover artwork by Boyan Avramov

Dedicated to Fredo. Farewell, dear friend!