Sven Phalanx
Inner Demon

Inner Demon Cover

Sven Lemke is a musician from Frankfurt (Main) / Germany that's known in the business for over 20 years for his projects Schattenspiel (Neoclassical / Ambient), Schwarzwald (EBM / Industrial) and, since 2020, his collaboration project with Andreas Davids that has been reinventing the space-ambient-pop genre.

Sven also makes various musical excursions solo under his alter ego Sven Phalanx and we are more than happy to announce that his new album is out now on Mahorka. "Inner Demon" is a compilation of 15 very personal songs and thus probably the most intimate release by Sven Phalanx so far.

Joy and pain, light and shadow are very close together and one cannot exist without the other.

released July 4, 2021