Demetrio Cecchitelli

Ruins Cover

Recorded in the day-offs while in residency with international theatre company Motus for their new spectacle, "Ruins" comes to the listeners as a depth in between emotions and rationality. The only sound sources used in the composition of the work are the bass guitar and the transverse flute, with the additional importance of live electronics and digital signal processing in the sound design and making of the unique texture that characterises Cecchitelli's discography. Alike the previous works on Healing Sound Propagandist, Sounds Against Humanity and Whitelabrecs among others, this mini-album evokes a narrative file rouge during the propagation of its five tracks - from blurred images to cathartic quintessences.

released July 21, 2021

Artwork / found photo: Demetrio Cecchitelli.

Mastering: Renato Grieco.

Videos: Filippo Mazzei ('Ruins Three'), Vladimir Bertozzi ('Ruins Four').