Excess Denied

Excess Denied Cover

When this terrifying world screams, scream back or retreat.

Nothing comes from nothing, everything grows out of anything …

Released August 14, 2021.

All synths, sounds, composition, percussion, effects, vocal processing, recording and mastering by Marc Ceulemans at Hemel Centraal (Belgium).

All lyrics and vocals by xendemon except lyrics on “Lilith” provided by Humanfobia, vocals on “Lilith” by Mist Spectra.

Cover design by TDOP, drawing “Schizophrenia #6” (Chinese ink on paper) by Nammu Eliaerts “Nam-art”.

Gratitude to Ivo Petrov, Namu Eliaerts, Mike Eliaerts, TDOP, Mist Spectra & Sábila Orbe.

Nam-art: instagram facebook

Humanfobia: facebook instagram