The Harbour of Thoughts

The Harbour of Thoughts Cover

Through the project ANTERAKS the voices of INNOCENT BUT GUILTY (France) and UBURGRUND (Romania) go beyond what the eyes cannot reach. The two speakers of visions met in the vaporous virtual realm and decided to melt their different tongues and challenge an unequal syncretism of analogue and digital equipment. Past endeavours were released at Foolish Records from Bordeaux (Serotonine, debut du voyage; Past and Beyond; Invisible Traces) upon an effort to combine dark-ambient colours and noise-meditative ruminations taking inspiration out of poetry and intimate congestions. The album “The Harbour of Thoughts” throws enigmatic sound patches of dreary and pensive recollections from written pages and sudden unconscious movements of the mind. As ANTERAKS casts its despondent contrasting lights over the tops of one’s reverie, on the other shore of imagination a wave digs the cave for your eclipse.

released August 22, 2021


Artwork photo: Max Guy-Joseph