Demetrio Cecchitelli + Andrea Marinelli

Combination Cover

Combination” is the third collaborative effort by the free-open-improvisation duo Marinelli / Cecchitelli. A sense of dada, multi-faceted post-jazz-electronic-billy and electroacoustic / site-specific aesthetics melt together into one singularity, reaching structure and chaos simultaneously. Different from the previous two works (one self-released and the other on US netlabel Zenapolæ), "Combination" is the now complete evolution of an existent dialogue between the two musicians and improvisers. All the pieces were recorded during a live session in December 2020 at Andrea’s house in Verucchio (east Italy).

Released February 28, 2022 as free (cc) digital download and special limited cassette edition!

Andrea Marinelli: prepared drums, synthetizers, live electronics

Demetrio Cecchitelli: electric guitar, transverse flute, clip contact mic, live electronics

Recording, mixing, mastering: Andrea Marinelli

Cover artwork: Andrea Marinelli