In-Group Cover

Jeremy Rice is Boston-area lover of synthesizers and synth music, striving to make his own electronic music with a curious sense of introspection and mystery.

As Abdicant and Curious Inversions he has notable releases on Kahvi Collective, including our 2022 favorite "Turing Complete", and some more quality releases on his personal bandcamp. Two other outstanding 2022 releases are the "Strange Sedatives" album by Cognition Delay, the duo of Jeremy and Paul Alexander (Pandacetamol, Fluffy Inside) on Rednetic and the "A Curious Shade of Blue" album by The Hive Project, the duo of Jeremy Rice and Anthony Paul Kerby (The Circular Ruins), that has released 3 albums on Anthony's DataObscura label since 2006.

Abdicant's magical debut album on Mahorka, "In-Group", specially recorded with the label and his closest friends-collaborators in mind, came out at the end of July 2022 and notably includes reworks of the original tracks from some of these guys - Kahvi's boss 4T Thieves, Paul's Pandacetamol project, Anthony's The Circular Ruins project, Weldroid and Tomoroh Hidari.

Released August 1, 2022