Sven Phalanx
Live @ SOS​-​Radio

Live @ SOS​-​Radio Cover

Recording of the Sven Phalanx concert that was streamed live on SOS-Radio on October 03, 2022 (on the anniversary of German unity)

The set list includes a diverse cross-section from Sven's past 20 years of output, from quiet ambient tracks to danceable EBM songs.

Angst, Nordi-Boy, Klangtherapie 2.0 and Molle are previously unpublished.

The release contains the whole live in one whole track, to be experienced as streamed on the radio, as well as the individual live versions, rendered in separate tracks, without the radio talk.

Released February 19, 2023


  1. Angst
  2. Die letzte Fahrt der Nautilus
  3. Hold On
  4. Solstice (Die längste Nacht)
  5. Beendet alle Kriege (Peacemaker Edit)
  6. Monotonie
  7. Phalanx
  8. Menschenfleisch
  9. Hallo?!?
  10. Frankfurt
  11. Nordi-Boy
  12. Protonenkanonen
  13. Heiliges Kanonenrohr!
  14. Klangtherapie 2.0
  15. Molle