Extrait Cover

released April 16, 2023

Petridisch is an electronic music project of Thor Maillet, out of Boston, MA, USA. Equally influenced by the works of Philip Glass and Mylene Farmer, Petridisch’s music explores the greyer areas of the psyche with inevitable elements of light and humor. Although mostly known for the use of Vocaloid, Petridisch also has a fondness for Farfisas, Vermonas and reverb units. The end results are hazy, yet somehow also crystal clear, images of both the past and the future.

Thor Maillet also founded his label Fish Prints Inc. in 2018, aiming to bring curiously composed sounds to the world, past and present, with no specific or planned genre ties binding. Releasing on cassettes, CDs and handmade minidisc editions, the label is home of Barbara Morgenstern, Cryostasium, a wave, a mouth;, Quarks, among other outstanding artists. It has a unique spot in our hearts as a source of great and always interesting music and huge inspiration.

Long time friendship has led to some overdue collaborations between Petridisch / Fish Prints and Mahorka. Recently we welcomed Petridisch with a very special guest Planck Tone mix and now we are really happy to announce the release of his debut album on Mahorka, "Extrait", coming out also in a beautiful limited cassette edition.

Composed and produced / Petridisch
Cover photo / mynameisblueskye
Cover design / mynameisblueskye
Mastering / Zac Emerson