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INTENT 2023: Eudaimonia

INTENT 2023: Eudaimonia Cover

The INTENT compilation series provides a platform for electronic and experimental music artists to share their work and set goals for the coming year, encouraging and inspiring creativity, innovation, and artistic vision from all corners of the globe. Since its launch in 2019, INTENT has become a powerful resource for artists aiming to realize their ambitions and monitor their progress over time.

As we come to the end of INTENT's journey, one thing is clear: this series had its ups and downs, but it never lost its determination to soar. Despite all challenges it remained steadfast in its mission to encourage and inspire. And now, as we bid farewell to this chapter of our lives, we can confidently say that it was a journey worth taking. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been a part of this journey since 2019, and as we close this final volume of the 2023 iteration, and of the series, we look ahead to new horizons, new possibilities, and new adventures. Who knows what wonders await us in the years to come? One thing is certain: we will face them with the same resilience and spirit that carried us through this series.

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Compiled by Nierika Productions in January 2023.
Image by Ty Koh from Unsplash (November 2019)
Text, mastering and graphic design by LR Friberg.

All tracks were created and produced by the artists involved.

Fabian van den Eijnden (Netherlands + Egypt):
Nimbostrata (Sweden):
Adrian Brewer [Pariah] (UK):
Tone Tone (France):
Jon Shuemaker (USA):
Wilfried Hanrath (Germany):
Kilmarth (Belgium):
Signals From Sirius (Austria):
D-Fried (Spain):
Mediatrix (UK):
Brainquake (Belgium):
Notstandskomitee (Germany + Denmark):
Zonevreemd (Belgium):
Forest Lake (Czech Republic + Germany):
LR Friberg / Linn Friberg (Sweden):

Released by Mahorka on May 6, 2023